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Along with the development of local industries

Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture, where our factory is located, has the highest industrial shipment value of paper products in Japan, and has been called the "Town of Paper" and has grown along with the paper industry. We have been developing our technology for 50 years since our establishment as a foil stamping and embossing factory in the city. We have preserved very expensive and valuable tools in our factory, which are now difficult to manufacture. In order to share these tools and the techniques we have developed with as many people as possible, we have started manufacturing and selling our own products.

Foil stamping is a special paper processing in which a colored metal film is pressed onto paper by applying heat and pressure with a metal plate set in a machine. Embossing is a process in which a male metal mold and a female mold made by ourselves are set in a machine and pressure is applied to create unevenness on the paper. The combination of these two processes results in an even more beautiful product. We hope you will enjoy our Japanese products, carefully handcrafted by crafts-persons who put their heart and soul into each piece.


Ishimura hakuoshi ten

nanami paper item design

351-1 Shimogashiwacho,

Shikokuchuo-she, Ehime Ken 

799-0411 Japan

TEL +81-896-23-6157


OPEN Mon.-Sat. 9:00am-17:00am

Sun. and holidays are closed.  

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